Bangalore Escorts Donation

As per the industry ethics, love and sex are not the commodities to sell in the market. This is why direct payout is not ethical. As a premier provider of Bangalore escort service and significant player in the industry, we respect the industry ethics and adhere to these as the thumb rules of our service.

Donation for offering pleasure and satisfaction

Alternatively, our Bangalore escort girls expect a donation for spending quality time with you and offering you ultimate pleasure and complete satisfaction. Moreover, the donation becomes justified in giving you mental satisfaction and helping you shun your boredom and loneliness. Consequently, you should satisfy our Bangalore call girls by giving them a donation for rejuvenating and revitalizing you and offering you a way to shun your dejection, depression, boredom, and loneliness.

You need to keep the donation on a table kept in the room, warping it gently in a wallet or handkerchief before you leave the pleasure room. As a reputable escort agency in Bangalore, we have designed many donation packages for meeting every common and customized need. Fusing relaxing massages, erotic games, sensualities and sexualities, we have created four distinct donation packages.

Given below are these in details:

Basic package

Offered by our common Bangalore escort girls, this package includes various sensual and sexual activities (accompanied by different types of erotic massages) for two hours. This package will cost you only 15000 INR.

Extended package

Offered by independent Bangalore escorts, this package includes almost all activities and features of the basic package. The only difference is that it lasts for four hours and charges you 30000 INR for the same. This is why it is counted as the extension of the basic package. Consequently, it has received the name extended package.


This is a high-quality package including different types of foreplay, seductions, creative lovemaking and erotic pampering to fill your mind and body with mere love and amour. This package encourages you to have more pleasure and additional hours as per your needs and demands. You are eligible to get some additional activities and discounts for a long time booking. It charges you between 25000 and 35000, depending on your custom needs and extended hours. Our model girls in Bangalore specialized in offering this.


It is easily understandable that this package gives you an opportunity to have limitless pleasure and fun as long as you can. Backed by almost all types of mental, sensual and sexual pleasure, this package allows you to indulge in limitless mental and erotic pleasure. Here, our high-profile Bangalore escort girls will not resist you to indulge in any unusual erotic activities, rather they will encourage you to enjoy with them more wildly and roughly until you get exhausted and become normal after releasing you through an extraordinary swoon. This package costs 45000 INR.

Booking process of our Bangalore escort service

The booking process is quite easy and hassle-free. You need to choose the package and confirm it. We also provide you with the telephone booking facility round the clock. It is worthy to mention here that you need to let us know your tentative date before the actual date of booking our Bangalore high profile escorts.

We will need this to check the availability of your chosen girl or girls for that date and arrange a meeting according to the convenience of you and our girls. In the case of an advance booking, you will receive a confirmation before a predetermined date and time. You will receive a confirmation call or an email on behalf of our operator.

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